Better Canada Foundation invites you to join our Better Network program, a network of experienced professionals in various occupations who agree to donate an hour of their time a month to meet with Better Network clients over a cup of coffee. In these informal meetings, which we call Coffee Sessions, we encourage you to discuss your professional life and provide career guidance to our clients. To join the Better Network , please register here.

Who you will help

There are two major groups of Better Network clients:

A. Career changer and/or jobless community members who are in this situation due to:

  • economic trends translated into dying industries, plant closings, company mass layoffs, job redesign and restructuring due to technical innovation or outsourcing
  • personal challenges including illness, injury, immigration or relocation
  • new interests and values including dissatisfaction and dismay with current position

B. College/university students experiencing the problem of academic and potential career choices

Our community challenge

  • Between 2008 and 2010 average unemployment duration in Ontario increased by 51% and was 22 weeks in 2010 (24 weeks in June 2011)
  • Between 2008 and 2010 the share of long-term unemployed (27 weeks and more) of the total number of unemployed almost doubled – 89% gain since 2008 and made 24.4 % in 2010 (25.2% in June 2011)
  • In September 2008 there were 372,657 recipients of Ontario Works in Ontario, in September 2011 this figure rose to 473,560, which is 27% increase
  • In the Fraser Institute’s study called “Measuring Labour Markets in Canada and the United States 2011 Edition” Ontario ranked 52 in the list of 60 Canadian provinces and US States on average productivity (GDP) per worker between 2005 and 2009
  • According to 2010 study of Pew Research Center on the impact of long-term unemployment in the US, more than 70% of long-term unemployed indicated that “they changed their careers or job fields or seriously thought about doing so”.

 We came up with the Better Network as a way to improve the capacity of Toronto labour markets to promptly match demand and supply for labour, and prevent any unnecessary long spells of unemployment. The Better Network is a supply-side intervention and our goal is to improve the quality of locally available labour. We plan to achieve this by improving:

  1. flexibility from which workers move from declining to expanding areas of the local economy
  2. adaptability of workers to changing demand by increasing access to real-world information on what is currently needed in the market
  3. possibility of a better match between an employee and employer resulting in less moral hazard at workplace and employees’ better productivity by increasing awareness of job seekers of unique features of different careers
  4. increased access to job availability by increasing informal interactions between potential employers and the unemployed      
The image for the organization's logo was kindly provided by and Sunil Lal 
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